I Crashed Your Car

by Future Biff

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Ben Grigg - bass, vocals
Kelly Johnson - guitar
Ryan Wizniak - drums (all tracks)
Matt Schwerin - drums (all tracks)
Suzy Erin - vocals on Built to Last

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Joe Gac, April 2016

4/13/17 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen with Vundabar

11/12/16 - Chicago, IL - SubT Downstairs with Hellrazor, Nnamdi's SDSSP

7/23/16 - Chicago, IL - SubT Downstairs with Pile


released June 7, 2016


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Future Biff Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Built to Last
Staring at the undertow
Pull you in and break you slow
Creeping down or falling fast
Poison choices built to last

I, shifting in and out of what was mine
What can last is what I left behind
Feeding on the scraps of former lives
Wasn't theirs, it wasn't by design

Never lived beyond the glass
Platitudes of lesser paths
Success is safely laying low
Hiding from what you should know
Track Name: Knee Jerk
Free to be but it's not all that funny
Terrible, but they'll steal your milk money
Dragged and drugged through the fields of stale honey
Did they think you'd find someone worth loving?

Freedom is something I don't know
But it's good to feel like you're in control
And you're in control of your knee-jerk lifestyle
Aren't you?

Free to be but it's full of blank staring
"Glowing screen, love me", a t-shirt worth wearing
Where's your dog now? He's in the field swearing
Really thought there was someone worth caring
Track Name: Gothdad69
Hey, separate the tides
Thought that you could drive
Something off my mind

Hey, loser just rewind
Wager on the line
Pick the other side

Hey, thought there was a line
Heard there was a line
Cross it all the time
Days, to find you looking back
You were never mine
Lost from driving blind
Track Name: Fresher Faces
Half time
Blow dry your tears enough to find
What's not mine

That's fine
Count all the ways to kill your time
Not your mind

Reaching for some brighter lights
Can't eat the meal just taste it
Also ran, a losing fight
You pale to fresher faces
Track Name: Redline
On the Red Line
On the redline

You can't shake it off